Blockchain and Pandemics

The BRI has launched a series of research initiatives on topics related to the pandemic, public health, and the economic recovery. The results will be delivered to our members through a collection of reports, webinars, videos, infographics, and datasets over the next months. However, given the urgency of taking action on our recommendations now, many of these results will be made available to the public here.

Blockchain and Pandemics Report

Our report exploring the challenges, opportunities, and recommendations for blockchain technology during the COVID-19 crisis is now published! Contact us to access the report.

Pandemics Webinar Series

Blockchain and Pandemics
Charitable Giving in the Face of the Pandemic
Climate Change and Economic Recovery in a Post-COVID-19 World
African Perspectives and Economic Recovery
Supply Chains in Global Pandemics
Going Cashless: The Digital Dollar in the Face of COVID-19
Consortia and Supply Chain Revolution for the Enterprise
Investing in the Technology Industry

Relevant BRI Research

Supply Chain, Manufacturing & Transportation

How can blockchain create more flexible, adaptive, and transparent supply chains to manage distorted demand, hoarding practices, and increased online purchases? Our white papers on asset chains and the new wave of manufacturing, as well as case studies on track-and-trace systems, transportation, and end-user purchases, provide insight for those looking to transform their supply chains during this crisis.

Introducing Asset Chains:
The Blockchain Enabled Future of Supply Chains

Tom Serres and Bettina Warburg, November 2017

Food Traceability on Blockchain:
Walmart’s Pork and Mango Pilots with IBM

Reshma Kamath, September 2017

The Future of Retail Payments:
How Merchants are Adapting to the Age of Crypto

Abhishek Punia, January 2018

Blockchain, The Emerging Platform for Manufacturing 4.0:
Major Use Cases and Challenges

Dr. Stefan Hopf, January 2018

Additive Manufacturing and Blockchain: MOOG Creating Efficient Global Supply Chains

Prema Shrikrishna and Vineet Narula, September 2017

Blockchain at our Borers:
US Customs and Border Protection Explores Blockchain

Alan D. Cohn, November 2017


Our research into the healthcare industry demonstrates the value of electronic health records, pharmaceutical tracking, clinical administration, IoT health data tracking, and open-science research networks, all based off of blockchain – and all crucial to address the data cracks in the healthcare system that COVID-19 has exposed.

Reinventing Healthcare on the Blockchain:
Toward a New Era in Precision Medicine

Axel Schumacher, January 2018

Medical and Biopharma Research:
Managing Genetic and Health Data on Blockchain

Michael Scott, December 2017

Data Governance & Regulation

Explore the ways that blockchain can influence and power the shifts in regulation, intellectual property, and Big Data governance caused by the COVID-19 crisis, and how to move out of this crisis collectively and fairly.



Don Tapscott, February 2020

Patents and blockchain Innovation:
Strategic Approaches to Intellectual Property

Thomas M. Isaacson, January 2018

Issued Patents on Blockchain Innovation:
Strategic Approaches to Intellectual Property Claims

Thomas M. Isaacson, August 2019

The Convergence of Big Data and Blockchain:
Disrupting the Business of Data Analytics

Mark van Rijmenam, December 2017

Distributed Artificial Intelligence:
Blockchain as an Operating Platform for AI

Anjan Vinod and Don Tapscott, March 2019

Self-Sovereign Identity

COVID-19 is a data problem, and an integral piece to solving this problem is the creation of a self-sovereign identity system. Our reports on blockchain-based identity systems and higher education dive into the concept of creating a digital wallet network to store and share individual identity data, within a consent architecture that provides the framework for an individual to own their data and consent to its use.

Blockchain Identity Services:
Technical Benchmark of Existing Blockchain-Based Identity Systems

COALA, July 2019

Blockchain Revolution in Higher Education:
Preparing for Disruption, Leading the Transformation

Don Tapscott, May 2018

Economic Recovery and the Post-COVID-19 World

What will our economies, politics, and societies look like once we’ve made it through this crisis? How can blockchain help to shape the foundations of this brave new world?

The Nine Disruptions:
A New Social Contract for the Digital Economy

Don Tapscott, January 2018

Building a Framework for Blockchain Adoption:
What CEOs Should Know

Irving Wladawsky-Berger, October 2017

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