All members of the Blockchain Research Institute ™ are welcomed to the annual All-Member Summit. There they meet with hundreds of leading figures in enterprise blockchain from our member network, and receive insights from the BRI’s world-class research contributors.

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2019 All-Member Summit – Toronto

Our most recent All-Member Summit was held on the eve of the inaugural Blockchain Revolution Global. It brought together some of the world’s leading thinkers from our network of over 60 companies, governments and academic institutions to discuss the key challenges and paths forward for blockchain adoption in the enterprise.

The theme of the event, “Leading the Blockchain Revolution,” spoke to the need for enterprise leaders to take up the mantle of blockchain adoption, and the opportunity for bold leaders to benefit from the second era of the internet.

The sessions included a number of panels and sessions with BRI contributors, member experts and real-world practitioners

2018 All-Member Summit – New York City

Our next All-Member Summit was held in New York City, and hosted by Blockchain Research Institute ™ founding members Thomson Reuters in their Manhattan head office.

As usual, the event was kicked off with a presentation from BRI executive chairman Don Tapscott. Other plenary sessions featured a presentations from BRI researchers Oliver Bussman and Joel Telpner, and a plenary panel on financial services featuring Irving Wladawsky-Berger, Soumak Chatterjee of Deloitte Canada, Fatema Pirone of CIBC, and BRI co-founder Alex Tapscott. This was followed by a panel on overcoming regulatory obstacles for blockchain, featuring Ian Palm of Gowling WLG, Wendy Rudd of IIROC, Benedikt Schuppli of COALA, and Joel Telpner of Sullivan & Worcester, LLP.

Members also participated in a number of breakout sessions and workshops hosted by BRI research contributors and experts:

  • Hilary Carter, Blockchain Research Institute ™
  • Jeremy Epstein, Never Stop Marketing
  • Stefan Hopf, Nunatek Group
  • Christian Keil, Blockchain at Berkley
  • Alan Majer,
  • Marcus O’Dair, Middlesex University

2017 All-Member Summit – Toronto

Our first Summit, held in Toronto in the fall of 2017, kicked off with a keynote address by Don Tapscott on the “State of Blockchain.” This was followed by a panel discussion on the applications of blockchain for enterprises, moderated by MIT’s Irving Wladasky-Berger, and featuring Iliana Oris-Valiente of Accenture, Marley Gray of Microsoft, Kevin Humphries of FedEx, and Jerry Cuomo of IBM. The event was followed by an exclusive members-only dinner, with a guest appearance by Toronto Mayor John Tory.

The following day’s event featured keynote speakers Michael Casey, co-author of “The Age of Crypto-Currency,” and Tom Serres and Bettina Warburg, of Animal Ventures. Members also participated in smaller breakout sessions led by BRI contributors:

  • Tom Baumann, Collaborase
  • Dom Guinard, EVRYTHNG
  • Michele Mosca, evolutionQ
  • Iliana Oris-Valiente, Accenture
  • Laurence Orsini, LO3 Energy
  • Dr. Axel Schumacher, Project Shivom
  • Usman Sheikh, Gowling WLG

The day wrapped up with a panel led by Don Tapscott on the role of government in the blockchain revolution, featuring Maryantonett Flumian of the Institute on Governance, and Tony Scott, former CIO of the US federal government.

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